Dr. Romeo Menard

Shoulder surgery in France
«From tendon to prosthesis, from accident to return to competition»
Dr. Romeo Menard
Shoulder surgery and sports traumatology
in Le Mans
Since 2009, I have been practicing arthroscopic surgery in Le Mans. The videoscopic approach allowed me to develop two axes of hyperspecialization: sports traumatology and shoulder surgery.
In the context of sports traumatology, I also practice ligamentoplasty, an outpatient procedure. I am also a referring physician of the professional basketball club MSB (Le Mans Sarthe Basket).
In the context of shoulder surgery, I practice arthroscopic tendon surgery and prosthetic surgery.
In addition to my doctoral thesis, I oriented my training in the two areas of development that were important to me, sports traumatology and shoulder surgery.
Anxious to be at the forefront of the evolution of our profession, we are currently developing in the context of sports traumatology, tendinosis and osteochondral lesions, regenerative medicine.
Upper Limb Surgery
Upper Limb Surgery
Shoulder surgery
Shoulder surgery
Sports traumatology
Sports traumatology
My advantages
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Multidisciplinary teamwork
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Dr. Romeo Menard
Dr. Romeo Menard
A little bit of me
Medicine and surgery weren’t an obvious choice for me. Coming from a rather working background, no one in my family was a doctor.
The studies allowed me to get out of this environment without forgetting my origins, and I initially chose medicine not for surgery but for an interest in human genetics. My different experiences during my studies with surgeons, especially orthopedic surgeons opened my eyes and I found my way.
Orthopedic surgery is a restorative surgery and it is the restoration of the function lost by the patient that convinced me to choose this path.
Forty years have passed, I am happy with my job, but I do not forget the most important thing to me – my wife and my children.
Family and friends are the cornerstones of my life, and I like to share my activities with them:
  • Traveling
  • Sports: mountain biking, snorkeling, hiking in the mountains, skiing
  • Culture: cinema and reading
I think I have found my personal balance, to be the best in my professional life and to be able to take care serenely and fully of my patients.
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